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Dime Bags is a product line of Dragons Breath Glass LLC. Dime Bags was started by two friends with the idea to bring the consumer a better bag. They were sick of poor quality bags, bad designs weren't what the consumer wanted. First we wanted to bring to the industry a bag that was environmentally friendly and durable! We started with 100% organic hemp. This was the start of the gray pipe bags. The inside was velvet so we decided we needed to change that to 100% organic cotton. That is when we decided to take this to another level and bring everyone a great hemp bag. Here is where we ran into a small problem that lead us to a great fabric. We love the hemp but could not get it in many colors, nor did we think it was durable enough. You have to understand that hemp is a strong fiber but is loosely woven, not allowing it to last as long as it should. We came up with the idea to blend hemp and polyester together to create what we call HEMPSTER! This gives the bags better color, the ability to be washed, and durability. After talking with many people we found that you all wanted a spill/smell proof pouch. We did that and we also gave you a hidden stash pocket. We want to bring more to the market than just a bag. We want to bring a lifestyle! We want to offer some kind of individuality so we give a unique stylized decorative stitching to every bag. This is hand stitched so all are unique!!! We will keep our promise to give our customers the best product we can and to keep improving it as well! COMING SOON!!!!!!!

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